About Anne Thull


Anne Thull is a respected Northern California fine arts and furnishings designer who creates one-of-a-kind and limited-edition works for residences, offices, and hospitality establishments. Emphasizing innovative designs that feature high-quality craftsmanship, Anne Thull has achieved design patents for a number of her creations, including the Dancing Stones table, the Infinity table, and the Arrow table. Her functional art extends beyond furniture and includes art glass candle sleeves and light fixtures. She also produces site-specific architectural art pieces that include fireplace surrounds and cabinetry.

Ms. Thull comes from a canvas art background and continues to provide clients with museum-quality paintings, murals, and sculptures. For the past five years, she has been invited to Pebble Beach Food & Wine as a featured artist. She partners with a number of high-profile craftspeople and companies, including Edgar Berebi and Caesarstone USA. With business locations in San Francisco and Carmel, Anne Thull Fine Art Designs, LLC, is also accessible online at http://www.annethullfineartdesigns.com.

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